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The Centennial Fiberglass Pool

Spend summer vacation in luxurious style with The Centennial Fiberglass Pool! This spacious rectangle swimming pool will no doubt be a summer highlight for all; with a built-in tanning ledge you can spend your days getting that perfect tan and swimming to your heart’s content! Bench seating provides relaxation and is perfect for pool parties and fun of all kinds!


Features Include:

  • Built-in tanning ledge
  • Relaxation bench seating
  • Large, spacious swim area



Size: 16' x 38'   ·   Depth: 3'6" - 6'   ·   Gallons: 22,335   ·   Square Feet: 550


The 16’ x 38’ rectangle fiberglass pool is 407 square feet of family fun just waiting to happen and features a 3’6” shallow end for the kiddos and a 6’ deep end for the adult’s enjoyment, making a perfect addition to any family home for years to come!


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