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The Cascade Fiberglass Pool

Treat yourself to a spa day in your own home! The Cascade Fiberglass Pool houses a built-in spill over spa letting you enjoy all the luxuries of a swimming pool and spa all in one! Designed with flowing curves and wide entrance steps the Cascade exemplifies relaxation as well as grace and would make a beautiful accent to any botanical garden!


Features Include:

  • Wide entrance steps
  • Built-in spill over spa
  • Convenience ledge



Size: 14' x 34'   ·   Depth: 3' - 6'   ·   Gallons: 11400   ·   Square Feet: 403


Soak away your troubles and renew your spirit in this lavish pool and spa! The Cascade Fiberglass Pool is 14' x 34' of swimming fun and provides options for both adults and kids with a 3' shallow end and a 6' deep end!


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