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The Jamaican Fiberglass Pool

Just because you don’t have a spacious yard, doesn't mean you can’t have the pool of your dreams! Our Jamaican Fiberglass Pool features a unique “figure eight” contoured design, making it perfect for small spaces, and with wide entry steps it’s great for families! This fun lighthearted swimming pool will make a great addition to any yard, small or large, without sacrificing style or quality!


Features Include:

  • Wide, sweeping entry steps
  • Contoured for small spaces
  • Unique lighthearted design



Size: 12' x 23'   ·   Depth: 3' - 5' 4"   ·   Gallons: 6500   ·   Square Feet: 242


The Jamaican is 12’ x 24’ of swimming fun and measures at a nice 242 square feet. The fiberglass pool holds 500 gallons of water ready for splashing, and features a 3' shallow end perfect for kids and a 5' 4" deep end for the big kids!


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