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Atlantic Fiberglass Pool

Get ready to start planning those summer pool parties when you choose our Atlantic Fiberglass Pool. With 4 seating areas you will have enough room to lounge with your loved ones in comfort and style! This spacious swimming pool gives swimmers ample room for showing off those swim skills or playing pool games. Designed with fun in mind, the Atlantic gives you the option of adding a slide for extra summer enjoyment!


Features Include:

  • 4 built-in seating areas
  • Spacious swim area
  • Option of add on slide



Size: 16' x 37'   ·   Depth: 3' 6" - 8'   ·   Gallons: 18800   ·   Square Feet: 540


The Atlantic is 16’ x 37’ of summer delight and measures in at 540 square feet, making it great for creating your backyard utopia! Perfect for both adults and kids, the Atlantic Fiberglass Pool is designed with a 3' 6" shallow end and an 8' deep end to ensure enjoyment for all while holding 19,900 gallons of water for ample splashing!


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